A little backgound

Yup, Sam, I am! But don't worry, I do not have green eggs and ham for you to try. (Not just yet!)

And that (photo) is my world. It's mostly loud and chaotic but they are my everything.

My hubby is Deric and the little ones are Izzy (6yo), Ana (4yo) and Zayne (3yo).

I was in Clinical Research before I left the field to help Deric in his business. It was also for me to afford the flexibility to be with the family a little more.

Since then, it has been quite an experience. Life with 3 young children has definitely got us thinking on our toes and just parenting "on the fly" most of the time.

Purpose and journey to coaching

While I want to say that most days are good, there was a time when it was just the opposite. And I knew we needed help.

I needed help.

It was a mix of feeling lost in my identity- having given up a career to build a vision that although I was submitted to and excited about, but you know, still not fully mine. Then there were the disrupted and sleepless nights, I was tired. And also we started our family away from our own homes, our families. We have a solid community of friends, but we're pretty much on our own most of the time, juggling business and family here in KL without help. Zayne and Ana were babies. And it was also when Izzy needed to go for therapy.

It was overwhelming.

And then I decided to do something about it.

I started reading and attending courses.

I learnt that there's so much more to parenting than just having well-behaved kids.

It is as much about how I (and Deric, and our marriage) was doing as well as having parenting tools to use.

And how there's never going to be a one-size-fits-all approach in dealing with (little) lives.

I had to learn about my children and I had to also become more aware about myself.

Relevant Qualifications

In 2019, I was credentialed as a coach, and I have been coaching (mostly parents) since.

I am also a communications skills facilitator with Sunfish Headway, specifically for the course called "Our Community Listens".

List of credentials:

- Coach (ACSTH approved, 100 training hours)

- Member of International Coaching Federation

- Member of Family Life Coaching Association

- Facilitator, Our Community Listens (Asia)

My hope

I am still constantly learning.

Parenting for/from perfection is not my thing.

I haven't got it all (and don't think ever will and it's not what parenting is about!) but I must say that getting the right help at the right time brought me a long way.

It is my hope and privilege to be able to extend the same help I received to those who need it.

Have a look around and I really hope you find something useful here for you and your family!

Much love!