We all have parenting struggles.

There are good days and then, there are those bad days.

And when it goes on for more than a few days, it feels like you're on a streak.

And you're fighting to break it.

Or perhaps you feel like parenthood has taken more than it has given.

And you're feeling just a little lost right now.

In Parent Coaching, I help draw out plans and answers, that I believe you already have within you. I will walk with you, encourage you and celebrate with you throughout this entire journey.

We will also work out some bits and bobs in life as a whole, because parenthood is not a silo. And you are a person, not just a parent.

And more than that, I want you to know that these are struggles that I have been through myself. These coaching packages are designed to help you overcome these specific challenges.

So, go ahead and read on, and if any of them resonate with you, drop me a line by filling up the form below and we shall talk more!

Gettin' My Groove Back

4 Sessions, once a week.


Motherhood is a big change and sometimes it seems to have become the only thing you do. That, on top of giving as a wife and the household chores. And wait, you work too!

Hence, this package is designed exclusively for the mama who is just a little lost about her purpose and identity in motherhood.

I assure you, being a mum is not all you are.

Let's work to get your groove back!

On-board Together

4 Sessions, once a week.


I am a firm believer of parenting from a marriage.

Making space for a new life is difficult enough. But trying to do it as a well-oiled machine, is something else altogether.

Whether it's agreeing on who gets the night feeds, or if it's implementing a new parenting method, we need to work together as parents this is not couple's therapy but this is for couples who want to work out a plan to succeed in parenting as well as in the marriage!

Thriving in Parenting

4 Sessions, once a week.

RM2999/couple. (preferred)


This is my biggest passion. To help you come to your own terms in parenting. To own it with authority and to know you have been empowered to parent well.

In these sessions, we will work on doing what's best for you, taking into consideration your goals and parenting ideals. It could be anywhere from adapting from a known method, to coming up with a whole new plan that is best for your family. If you are struggling with managing tantrums and getting your kids to listen, and you have no idea what discipline even means anymore, let's work together to get you back on top of the game. You can thrive in parenting!

*note: each session will be a maximum of 1 hour.

How will Parent Coaching benefit me?

Confidentiality & Confidence 🌟

Parent coaching is a safe and judgement-free setting for you to share and work through challenges honestly. It is to support you to parent as your best self, to confidently know what works and what don't for your family!

Build Strong Relationship(s) with Your Child(ren) 👪

To understand from science-based facts about children behaviour that will help you communicate better with your children.

Parenting As One with Your Spouse 💕

Coming up with collaborative plans to implement with your spouse. Learning to work together even when you do not always agree on the same things.

Establishing Realistic and Achievable Parenting Goals 🎉

And having a save space to come back to when things do not go as planned.

We will work and rework together to help you take one step at a time to reach your parenting goals.

Owning Your Parenting Journey

- Being able to identify where you are and clearly see where you want to go or achieve as a parent, and confidently take responsibility for each step knowing it's a process. And I will be there every step of the way to celebrate all your wins with you!

If you are interested in one of the coaching packages above,

drop me your details for a free consultation.

This time is for you to:
- have a feel of who I am to see if we can work together.

- understand how parent coaching can benefit you.

(whether or not you choose to continue with parent coaching, this will definitely benefit you. Approximately 30 mins.)

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