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15, 16, 22, 23 Sept 2021

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Hi, my name is Sam and I’m a mama of 3. I’m a certified life coach and I mostly coach parents.

Welcome to my page! You’re probably here because like many parents out there, you’re looking for help or answers. Chances are, you’ve already read plenty of parenting methods, and tried implementing various approaches – well researched and proven methods that have worked for many others, but things are still not working out as well as you’ve expected to.

Like me, you’re probably trying to figure parenting out and I know it can be frustrating. I’m glad you’re here, because parenting is no easy feat and you don’t need to figure this out alone. Just being here, I already know that you're doing your best for your children.

So head on below to see if anything here would help you in your journey as a parent.

Let’s do this together!

My role as a parent coach is to figure out parenting with you. My belief is that you already have the answers within you and you have what it takes to parent your child(ren). More than that, you have it in you to parent well.

“Parenting well” may sound scary and idealistic. We’re often told that if we parent well and implement some of the best practices that have been tried and tested, our kids will be extremely well behaved, and will get top grades in school. They will be kind and compassionate. They will eat well and sleep well and pick up after their own mess.

What if I told you that parenting well isn’t a one size fit all approach?

How can it be – really? We are dealing with little lives, little individuals who are so different from one another – even in siblings.

Imagine taking all of these little big personalities in – and then adding you and your husband to the equation. That’s so much to figure out, isn’t it?

While it’s great to be equipped with tools and methods that have proven to work, ultimately, parenting comes from within us – and I look forward to helping you discover your strengths as a parent.

As a parent coach, I will be helping you work through your fundamental beliefs, hopes and ideals, drive and motivation, taking into context your societal and cultural background, everything that makes you, YOU, to help you come up with your plan in overcoming your challenges in parenting.

This is my passion and I am excited to explore parenthood with you!

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